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Consultation And Skin Analysis

Glo de Vie Med Spa

Med Spa located in Raleigh, NC

If you struggle with aging skin or other imperfections and want to look younger, the skilled team of aesthetic experts at Glo de Vie Med Spa in Raleigh, North Carolina, can help. They offer a skin consultation and skin analysis to determine which cosmetic treatments best match your needs. Call the medical spa to schedule an appointment or request more information today online.

Consultation and Skin Analysis Q&A

What is a skin consultation?

A skin consultation and analysis at Glo de Vie Med Spa uses advanced technology and innovative techniques to determine which cosmetic procedures are best for your individualized needs. 

Our skilled aesthetic experts offer a wide array of anti-aging treatments, such as cosmetic injectables and body rejuvenation procedures, to give you the best possible results.

What happens during a skin consultation?

During a consultation and skin analysis, your Glo de Vie Med Spa specialist reviews your medical history, preferences, and desired outcome. They examine your skin in areas you're concerned about and use the VISIA skin analysis system to get a full picture of the health of your skin. 

Your provider lets you know what to expect during each procedure and tailors a treatment plan that’s best for your needs. They also offer product coaching to better inform you about the anti-aging products that are the best option for your skin type.

What is a VISIA® Skin Analysis?

VISIA® Skin Care Analysis offers the most start-of-the-art, multi-spectral imaging technology that captures key visual information for areas affecting your skins complexion health and appearance such as wrinkles, UV sun damage spots, texture, pores (including evidence of bacteria present), porphyrins, red areas and brown spots.  VISIA®’s multi-point positioning system and live image overlay makes it easy to capture perfectly registered images to document progress over time.  Rotating capture module easily captures left, right and frontal face views. 

After capturing images, your specialist is better able to treat imperfections based on your skin type and desired outcome. The diagnostic procedure is fast and painless.

What are the benefits of a VISIA® skin analysis?

VISIA’s® patented comparison uses the world’s largest skin feature database to grade your skin relative to others in your same age demographic and skin type.  This comprehensive information enables our experienced skin care professionals to present a customized treatment plan and product regimen that’s specific to your skins current condition.  This system generates thorough reports that will be added to your electronic record to track progression of your skin rejuvenation based on recommendations made. A printed take home report will be provided for you at the end of your analysis.

What should I expect during anti-aging procedures?

Once you and your Glo de Vie Med Spa provider determine which cosmetic treatments are best for you, they can begin treatment. 

You might receive injections, chemical peels, microneedling, ultrasound or laser treatments, or combinations of treatments to maximize your outcome. Multiple treatment sessions can give you the exceptional results you deserve. 

To learn more about a skin consultation and analysis at Glo de Vie Med Spa, call today.