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In our last blog post, we discussed?The Quick Glo?– the instant-gratification treatments we offer that get your skin glo-ing the very same day. ?So, what’s The Slow Glo? ?These are the treatments that have long-term payoff as well as short-term. ?Grab a drink, have a seat and get comfortable while we take a closer look!

BOTOX. ?Botox is one of our most popular treatments, and it’s no wonder: it solves a lengthy list of issues, from brow lines to forehead lines to crows’ feet to TMD / TMJ, persistent migraines and hyperhidrosis. ?The treatment itself doesn’t take long (30 minutes on average). ?The short-term effect you can expect is a relaxation of the muscles 7 days after your treatment — this relaxation will help diminish the muscle movement that causes fine lines. ?And the payoff over time? ?Regular re-treatment ensures that the muscles stay in a relaxed state, thereby preventing the formation of new lines.

EXILIS. ?Whether using this radio-frequency technology to tighten skin around the eyes or on the face or neck (or even knees), or to lose inches from the waist or thighs or arms, our clients (and staff!) have found Exilis to have benefits in the present as well as over time. ?Clients report seeing some of Exilis’ positive effects following their first or second treatment. ?The benefits increase to optimum levels when you stay the course. ?You’ll see the most dramatic results of your skin-tightening or fat-melting treatments at the end of your 4-to-6-treatment series. ?Following your series, you can opt for a touch-up treatment about once every six months, but in many cases the results last with no further treatment.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL. ?This is perhaps the slowest of the Slow Glo treatments. ?Laser Hair Removal is unique in that it might give very little indication of its efficacy when your first start your series of treatments. ?However, take heart: it is working nonetheless! ?Each treatment series addresses the hair follicles during all three stages of hair growth. ?This takes time because each follicle is moving through those three cycles at its own rate. ?But with repeated treatments, you can eventually expect the majority of those follicles to stop producing hair. ?Stick with your series for smooth results!

Interested in these treatments? ?Or the benefits and long-term payoff of any of our other treatments? ?Let’s set up a free consult! ?(919) 510-5919.

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